Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to a long-lasting and sustainable student climate justice movement in which students use their power to challenge their colleges to be a force for moral good rather than contributing to climate destruction and economic oppression.

Our Values

Divest Ed disrupts the business-as-usual politics of the primarily class-privileged and white climate movement. Through political education, Divest Ed guides students to recognize the root of the climate crisis: capitalism and white supremacy. We strive to make sure the campus divestment movement is pro-Black, pro-Indigenous, class conscious, and anti-capitalist.

Not only does Divest Ed aspire to "divest from the bad," but also to "reinvest in the good," as outlined in Movement Generation's Just Transition framework. Fossil fuel divestment is a tactic to move resources from the capitalist, extractive economy and reinvest in community-controlled economies. This also means divesting our personal ideologies and beliefs from white supremacist and capitalist logic and reinvesting in QTBIPOC (Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) wisdom. Reinvestment is integral to our work.


Reinvestment is the inextricable deed of Divestment which enkindles the restoration of resources to Indigenous and Black visions towards a just and equitable climate future, with Indigenous commitments and traditions stewarding the ways of the work, policy, and intersectional struggle of the movement. Culture begets policy, and Divest Ed is committed to shifting the culture of the movement in a way that decentralizes harmful ways of regarding power, people, and hoarding resources, so that we may continue to discover and nurture the solutions that make climate justice a possibility for our students, frontline communities, and beyond. We view the climate movement as a community that must center Black Liberation, Indigenous Sovereignty, collective care, and anti-capitalism. Our latest priority is in scaffolding an ongoing frontline community reinvestment project and reinvestment coalition amongst our base and comrades. Intentional collaboration with our partners/comrades/support & students to design the future of climate justice/our world by centering those historically silenced, made invisible, and door-stopped in the name of Capitalism and white supremacist world-market interests must take precedent. Divest Ed is committed to a culture of intentional Reinvestment, which is accountable to aligning our campaigns, strategies, and goals with Indigenous and Black directorship in clear partnership agreements.

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